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image Start the course for free! image 25 mins Lean canvas Try out Lean methodology by making a simple online canvas. image 21 mins Customer discovery interviews Learn to build a product by interviewing customers, and conquer social anxiety. image 58 mins How to have good ideas A grab-bag of activities that unlock creativity, even when you're feeling uncreative. image 65 mins Pitching for early stage investment Get your story right, make a pitch deck and get in front of the right investors. image 35 mins Agile project management Learn the tools and methods to make your first Agile project work. image 50 mins Design for impact at scale Design for lasting impact at scale with Mulago, using their key tool, the DIF. image 41 mins Behaviour change To change the world you need to change people's behaviour. Kevin teaches us how. image 31 mins Community Integration How to be humble, listen, and communicate with a community you work with. image 24 mins The art of performance Prepare, rehearse and deliver the best presentation of your life. image 22 mins Social media strategy Find your voice on social and create content that resonates. image 28 mins One page websites Make a simple one-page website that will stick the landing. image 35 mins Sales for people who don’t like selling Sales is about treating people well, and thinking of relationships as long term friendships. image 37 mins Business model canvas Use a business model canvas to think about your nonprofit like a business. image 7 mins Test cards + lean experiments Structure your experiments on your canvases and get stuff done. image 30 mins Finding the right impact partner Scope out a partnership and be sure you're putting money where it makes the most impact. image 52 mins Hiring / team formation Find your own strengths and gaps, and create a team that can get the job done. image 49 mins Public campaigning Run a campaign, build a movement and make change happen at a local level. image 28 mins Evidence based interventions Ask an important question and answer it reliably, to build interventions that actually work. image 72 mins Financial modelling Lay out a 3-year financial model for a business, with revenue, costs and cash flow. image 50 mins Growth forecasting Fall in love with spreadsheets as you build a model to forecast your month-by-month financial growth. image 21 mins Social outcomes reporting How to report on a program: The money, activities and social impact. image 27 mins Insight mapping Map out how customers experience your service, and how you can easily make it better. image 33 mins Legal setup for a new business Set up a legal entity, allocate shares, and get your business in order. image 31 mins Crowdfunding How to set up a crowdfunding campaign with a solid comms plan. image 9 mins Empathy mapping Learn about user experience using this simple user testing framework. image 49 mins Public campaigning Run a campaign, build a movement and make change happen at a local level. image 35 mins Guerilla usability testing Figure out what real users think of your site or app by watching them use it. image 15 mins Journey mapping Map out the practical and emotional journey a user takes through a website image 30 mins Choosing a CRM Gather requirements, test workflows, and find the right CRM. image 42 mins Card sorting Workshop with real users, and re-organise the contents of a website. image 28 mins Scoping a new app Sketch out the goals, users, objects and interfaces in a new web or mobile app.

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