How to change behaviour with Kevin Starr

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Analyse the behaviours that need to change for your intervention, and create an effective way to start changing behaviour. To change the world, you need to change behaviour.

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~40 minutes over 4 videos

About 2 hours of work to do it solo

Miwok territory, Graton Rancheria

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1 Define your behaviour.

The first step is to clearly and precisly define the behaviour that you need to change. Kevin helps you unpack what it is you're trying to change.

2 Emotion.

Now that you have a behaviour, it's time to work out how to change it. There are three dials that Kevin uses to think about it. The first dial you can try is effecting people's emotions: How do people feel when they do the behaviour you want them they do?

3 Calculation & bias.

Next, the second dial: Calculation: Kevin teaches you about the calculations people make when they are trying to make a decisions. In particular, he shows how people's cognetive biases can impact how they choose.

4 Ability.

The final dial is the ability dial: how EASY is it for someone to actually do the behaviour you want them to do. Kevin helps you brainstorm how you can make it easier to do than not do.

Further reading

Teaching guide

If you’re a teacher who’s teaching lean, Will shares a few ideas from how we uses it with his class.

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