Community Integration with Jenny Schetcher

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Before doing work in a community, understand your position as outsiders, listen effectively in interviews, and communicate with a community you work with.

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~30 minutes over 3 videos

About 1 hours of work to do it solo

Miwok territory, Graton Rancheria

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1 Be humble.

Before we even start working within a community, we first need to make sure we are mindful of our position relative to that community. Jenny takes us through a process that helps us be humble and remember that we are not the experts of a commnuity's experiences.

2 Listen, listen, and listen.

Now we being to interview the community. Jenny takes you through how to conduct respectful and useful interviews. The key is to listen.

3 Act.

Finally, now that you have gathered useful information from the community, it's time to act. Jenny shows you how to feed the information back to the community and keep them involved as you work with them.

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