Hiring / Team formation with Layla Foord

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Build a new team from scratch find your own strengths and gaps, and create a team that can get the job done.

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~1.5 hours over 10 videos

About 2 hours of work to do it solo

Wuwundjeri land, Kulin nation

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1 Identify the jobs to be done .

To start with, Layla takes you through how to work out all the different things that need to be done day to day and week to week. After we know what needs to be done, we can then work out our proficency with each task.

Identify the jobs to be done .

Will takes you through how to use the skill matrix for this section.

2 Categorising tasks.

Once the jobs have been identified, we can categorise them into different areas - this forms the base of our our position description.

Categorising tasks.

Will takes you through how to use the skill matrix for this section.

3 Writing a job description.

Next, we have our skills matrix completed we can use that to write our position desciption. A position description is a job ad - It informs people what skills they'll want to have, and what their duties will be.

Writing a job description.

Will takes you through how to use the position description template for this section.

4 Finding the right person.

Now that you should getting potential canidtates for your position, Layla helps you keep track of them with a simple system, and helps you interact respectfully with them.

5 The interview.

It's time to perform interviews with the best candiates. Layla shows you how to perform a good interview that shows respect to all your candiates. Remember this is the first oppertunity to meet a potenial collegue in real life so setting the tone correctly is vital.

6 Making the right hire.

Finally, you've had some interviews and it's time to make a decision. Layla shows you how to inform the successful canidate, as well as the unsuccessful candidates.

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