Journey mapping with Ben Tollady

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Map out the practical and emotional journey a user takes on your website in order to create a better experience for them.

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~10 minutes over 4 videos

About 1 hours of work to do it solo

Wuwundjeri land, Kulin nation

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1 User persona.

First you'll need to define your user: Who they are, and what do they way by interacting with your website? Ben shows you a specific formula to use to make sure your journey mapping is effective.

2 The physical journey.

To start the mapping exercise you'll create the map and then start plotting out your user's physical journey. These are the steps or stages they go on during their interaction with your website: the things they DO.

3 The emotional journey.

Now, for each of your physically stages, you'll need to map on an emotional stage. Users are people, and they'll feel thing as they interact with your site.

4 Taking action.

Finally, now that you have a complete picture of the journey that people take during their time interactiving with your site or app, Ben shows you how to use the map to make some changes to your site that will ensure your users have an even better time.

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