Social media marketing with Maddie Snow

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Design a killer social media campaign by finding your voice and creating content that resonates.

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~20 minutes over 6 videos

About 2 hours of work to do it solo

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1 Set goals.

First, you'll start your planning by thinking about what business goals you are linking to this social media campaign..

2 Choosing channels.

Next, you'll need to work out which channels or platforms work best for your particular brand and audience. Maddie tells you her thoughts on what sorts of brands work in different places.

3 Voice and tone.

Now it's time to think about voice and tone: How do you want to present yourself online? Maddie helps you work at this higher level so that when you're in the day-to-day of making content you'll stay consistant.

4 Content strategy.

It's time to start working on your content strategy.

5 Content calendar.

You've got a voice, tone and some content, it's time to plan. Maddie helps you work out a schedule and calendar so that you can make sure you're posting with regularity.

6 Success metrics.

Finally, it's important to work out some ways to tell if you've been successful in your campaign. Metrics are some ways of tracking what is working and what isn't with your audience.

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