Social outcomes reporting with Bessie Graham

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Create a report that shows the social outcomes on a program: The money, activities and social impact.

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~20 minutes over 6 videos

About 2 hours of work to do it solo

Wuwundjeri land, Kulin nation

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1 Intent and desired outcome.

First you'll need to work out what's the point of your program and what outcome you are looking for. Bessie helps you craft this into something useful to track against.

2 Inputs.

Second, you'll write down your inputs: These are the things you have that are 'going into' the program. These are resources like venues, people and money.

3 Activities.

Next, you describe what the things that are going to happen. This is strictly the activities that you are responsible for making happen.

4 Outputs.

Now, what comes from your activities. This is different from the outcomes, outputs are only what has occured because of your activities.

5 Outcomes.

Ok, you've gotten some outputs, now be clear about the outcomes that these have led too.

6 Choosing outcomes.

Finally, now that you've worked your way through an entire program, assuming that you don't want to change everything about your program, it's time to communicate your success to others. Bessi helps you use the report to formulate different messages for different audiences.

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