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Thanks Will! Great session, and I really mean it.
I have no criticism. Not even constructive criticism. I only have joy to feed back!

Today’s session helped enormously to answer my two questions: How do I intelligently and respectfully design a learning journey within a digital literacy framework AND how do I build an online cohort so they experience the same values we espouse in our face-to-face sessions?

Will expertly guided me through a process of brainstorm / braindump, clarifying expectations, documenting a vision of success and capturing the learning and discussion, to achieve our mutual goals.

The tools, techniques and humanity of the Fitzroy Academy approach, as well as Will’s genuine brilliance at connecting and teaching is going to be an invaluable cornerstone to the health, sustainability and wellbeing we want to invest in our new learning environment.”

- Irene Lemon, Enterprise Development Manager
@ The Mill House Ventures Ltd.

Capacity building. Learn to do.


Helping teachers and leaders, on their own terms.


Support on modern skills for teachers and students.


Smarter, polished, more efficient programs.

LX design.

We help educators do great learning experience design.

Film support.

Wanna make videos? We'll show you how.


Holding space for risk, flipped learning that works.

Work with us.

It starts like this...

Email hello@fitzroyacademy.com, we'll hook up a quick video chat to figure out if we can help you out with whatever you're doing.

These things usually happen:

  1. We organise a 'trial run' of whatever education project you're doing to see if working together is fun, productive and useful.
  2. You scope out something ambitious, and we help you plan out a solid year of work, with longer term planning.
  3. For serious partnership, we fly to wherever you are with our filming gear, and do multiple years of work together.

More stuff we do.

Co-facilitate with teachers on design thinking, entrepeneurship, etc.

Co-design programs. One class, a whole semester, or a one-off pilot.

Upskill facilitators on things like 'holding space', experiential learning, feedback loops in blended learning and the like.

Building collateral for learning: Digital learning plans, teacher guides, video tutorials and interactives.

Workshops + guest speaking. Topics like Lean, Agile, entrepeneurship, systems change and social impact.

Straight up teaching! Will has taught at Monash Uni's Global Challenges Advanced Honours degree for the last 5 years.

We've done many weird and wonderful things over the years. Ask us. 🥰

We use Fitzroy Academy for our programs, both directly and also for our team and teachers.

The tutorials have been absolutely invaluable, and have saved us so much money and time.

- Celia, CEO @ SHE Investments.

Man it's amazing how USEFUL that exercise was! Especially the behaviours and interventions bit.


- Nathan Murphy, student.

Will believed in me. He made it explicitly known that he did and man, I felt that.

It taught me to take action on what I care about, it was a deeply transformative experience.

- One of Will's students @ Monash University

I'm actually doing a startup accelerator which is great for the face to face stuff, but I find myself constantly coming back to FA all the time to make things make sense.

- Online student, USA.

This is the best lean thinking resource I have found.

Especially as someone from the social enterprise sector, absolutely loving it.

- James Harris, World Vision

Trailers Beautiful lessons with the world's best.

From London and San Francisco to Singapore, Siem Reap to our home in inner north Melbourne.

Our faculty are founders, CEOs, funders, doers and makers. They do this stuff for a living.

Clare teaches Agile Project Management
Ari teaches Barrier Mapping

Contact us Hyped to meet ya.

hello@fitzroyacademy.com 🥳
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