Card sorting with Josie Ryder

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UX card sorting is a method to workshop your website with real users, and re-organise the contents of a website to make sure it makes sense to the public.

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~40 minutes over 5 videos

About 1 hours of work to do it solo

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1 Content Audit.

We are going to start by looking at what you already have on your site. Using the spreadsheet, Josie shows you how to audit the pages you already have and see what's actually useful.

Content audit.

Will shows you the process using the template on an example website.

2 Create your cards.

Now it's time to transfer your site onto the cards that will be used in the actual session. Josie takes you through what info you need to have and what info you need to leave off.

3 Gather some users.

These sessions don't work unless we have some real users to give you info. Using the email templates Josie helps you reach out and organize your sessions.

Gather some users.

Will practically takes you through the templates and how they can be used.

4 Running the card sorting sessions.

It's time to run your sessions. Josie shows you everything you need to be prepared for the sessions, how to run them successfully and make sure everyone has a good time. You can print out the session information sheet to refer to during your own sesssion.

5 Data analysis.

You've got some info, finally it's time to dig in. Josie shows you how to use the information and observations you've gathered from the session to make some effective changes to your site.

Data analysis.

Will uses the templates to take you through an example of analyising session data.

Digital sorting.

As a bonus, Josie shows you how digital card sorting works, and a few real programs that could help you do it yourself.

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