How to choose a CRM with Clare Carmody

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Customer relationship managers are an important tool for any organisation: Gather your unique requirements, test your workflows, and find the right CRM.

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1 Your most important contact.

To start, Clare introduces to the basics of what sort of information is required from people who interact with your organiztion.

2 Page layout.

Next, we start working on the page layout using the provided template. It's a table where you store all the most important information about your contacts..

3 Workflows.

Now, we can start mapping out the workflows that we want our contacts to go on, using the provided template.

4 CRM requirements.

Finally it's now time to actaully work out the CRM requirments for your organization. We'll use the template provided so the requirements are indipendant of the different CRMs you are researching.

Trying CRMs

As a bonus, Will plays around with various different CRMs to see what's possible in each, and how they compare to his requriements.

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