Customer discovery interviews with Victoria Cullen.

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Build a new product or service by interviewing real customers and conquer your social anxiety while you do it.

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~25 minutes over 4 videos

About 3 hour of work to do it solo

Wuwundjeri land, Kulin nation

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1 Interviewee.

The first step is to work out who you want to speak too. You are wanting to speak to your customers. These are the people who will actually be making the purchasing decisions. After you work out who you want to speak too, you’ll need to find some of these people. Vic helps you work out who to speak to and where to find them.

2 The questionnaire.

Asking the right questions is the most important thing, after finding the right person to speak too. Vic helps you design some questions to make sure you getting the right kind of information to help you the most.

3 The interview.

Eep. The interview. This can be scary. Don’t worry, Vic helps you through some of your nerves so you can get interviewing and practicing as quick as possible.

4 Getting started.

Now you’ve got some customers to speak to, some questions to ask and some tips on how to interview you’re ready to get started. As Vic says you’ll just get better by practicing.

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