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The crew behind the camera. We're a tiny team from Melbourne, Australia that loves board games & well framed shots.

image Filming at Berkeley in San Francisco, 2017.

Film dorks.

Eve Byers and Leo Flander (above) make the movie magic happen.

Some fast facts:

  • It takes about 80-100 hours of work to make a single lesson, longer than most people expect.
  • All our camera gear fits in our backpacks and is actually pretty simple stuff.
  • We've filmed in Melbourne, Sydney, London, Denpasar and San Francisco. We'd like to go to Nairobi, Berlin and New York next.
  • We've produced just over 870 minutes of content. That's ~15 hours, or if you watch one lesson per week, 6+ months of learning!

Our founder & grand poobah.

Will Dayble is a teacher.

He lectures at Monash University's fancy-pants Global Challenges Advanced Honours Degree.

Will also mentors at unis and accelerators, and started a few businesses before the academy.

Read his writing for students and teachers at our blog.

Our teachers ≠ teachers.

We find people who are too busy kicking ass to teach.

Our faculty is full of CEOs, founders, and early employees who learnt their craft through decades of field work.

It’s our job to convince them they should teach, and help them become really fantastic teachers.

Usually, we learn about a topic our students need, and then try to find the best person on the planet to teach that topic.

For example, Kevin Starr (above) has been working in his field for 20+ years. Apparently he had a 'perfectly good career in medicine' when he stumbled into philanthropy in 1994.

Watch Kevin’s lesson


Our gear is pretty simple.

Lots of people ask about our gear, and we'll answer in depth on the blog one day when we can.

The short version: We use a couple of DSLRs, a Ronin for stabilisation, a couple of simple mics and a Zoom for audio.

The pic above looks complicated, but that's just because it's everything we use laid out at once.

Everything fits into a couple of backpacks as we travel a lot.

One day we'd like to afford some super fancy gear. 😂

We started in 2014.(But we got serious at the start of 2016.)

Will and Luke started the academy as startup-style accelerator for non-tech peeps, with a social impact focus.

We ran our main accelerator in 2014 with 25 students and 40 teachers + mentors in Donkey Wheel house.

Since, we’ve worked with researchers, universities, funds and accelerators to figure out different ways to do education.

In early 2016 we decided to go online-first, so we can reach the whole world by default, when we partnered up with the Telstra Foundation.

Our teaching approach was originally inspired by Will’s grandfather, refined through countless classes, workshops, intensives, seminars, mentoring programs and wine-drenched heart-to-hearts.

More about our purpose

Thanks to the early mob.

Massive love, in no particular order, to that original teachers, mentors and friends who made our first accelerator happen.

These world-class humans, and we’re truly honoured to have their support right at the start. <3

Final note.

We acknowledge the Wurundjeri-willam people of the Kulin Nation who are the traditional custodians of the land on which our tiny studio stands.

We’d also like to pay respect to the elders past, present and emerging of the Wurundjeri people and Kulin Nation and extend that respect to all Aboriginal people.

We back Reconciliation Australia’s vision of a reconciled, just and equitable Australia, and support our staff in changing the date.