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First up People Partners History

Hold up First things first.

We pay our respects to elders, past, present and emerging.

Most of our work and our homes are on the traditional lands of the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin nation.

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We acknowledge the Traditional Owners of country throughout Australia and recognise their continuing connection to land, waters and culture.

We'd also like to acknowledge your land, wherever you are, and the stories that hold your communities together.

Our company recognises that sovereignty was never ceded, and we're figuring out a meaningful reconciliation action plan right now. When we're feel right to share it publicly, it will be here.

More about acknowledgement of country

Our people Teachers & geeks.

Our folks include those below. Our team is almost entirely remote, and comes and goes over the years.

image Leo, video
image Clare, coach
image Michelle, tech
image Reid, devops
image Maciej, tech
image Eve, film
image Nicky, finance
image Will, teacher


Kevin filming on the roof of the Mulago offices in San Francisco.

Learning stuff

Learning stuff

Jenny + Gautam, amazing teachers!

We make videos.

Fast facts on our video production:

  • It can take 100-200 hours of work to make a 30 minute lesson.
  • Our camera gear fits in one pelican case.
  • So far we've filmed in Melbourne, Sydney, London, Denpasar, San Francisco, Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, and Puerto Galera.
  • We've produced 1300+ minutes of content, not counting the work we've helped others create. That's something like 6+ months of continuous learning if you used it weekly the way it’s designed.

Leo Flander does most of the hard video work, and the amazing Eve Byers (alumni, we miss you) created many of our videos. They're award winning film makers and artists in their own right.

Dork friends Folk dorks in San Francisco.

Partnership. Our friends!

Partnership matters.

To do anything meaningful in education requires large scale, co-operative action. It's why we pretty much only ever work in partnership to get things done.

“We started as a fast, stupid, take-no-prisoners expression of frustration with education and the pace of social change.

It wasn't until we started working with and listening to our partners that we realised we might be able to make a real dent, and make it stick.

- Will D, founder + fool.

Want to work together?

Firstly: Yay!

Secondly: Yaaay!

We like to work with funds, schools, and institutes who have a long view and agile principles, and don't make compromises about quality and efficiency.

In general, partnership includes making films together, working on tech, and finding ways to very cheaply and efficiently further our missions together.

Email will@fitzroyacademy.com directly to chat. 😁

A brief History 2014 - present...

image Luke Giuliani (left) and Will Dayble (right).

Education Everywhere Pty Ltd was founded in 2014, in frustration with the pace of social change and systemic failures in modern education.

We were profoundly naive when we started. We are less naive now, but not much. Eek. 😳

Since, we’ve worked with researchers, teachers, universities, funds and accelerators to figure out how to do education.

Our teaching approach was originally inspired by Will’s grandfather, refined through countless classes, workshops, intensives, seminars, mentoring programs and wine-drenched heart-to-hearts.

The timeline so far...

Luke, Will and Jules start a cafe in Fitzroy, and use the back few rooms as studio space for their digital agency.
In the back meeting room of the studio, we run tiny courses for friends and colleagues after work hours. Students pay $5 per evening to one of our staff members who'd stick around after work to mentor and teach.
Will gets all worked up about universities, and we launch the 'Fitzroy Academy of Getting Shit Done', an impact accelerator for non-techy people. We pilot a program with 25 students and 40 teachers + mentors at Donkey Wheel house. It's a roaring success.
We do the numbers and realise that physical programs will be far too expensive for most of the folks we want to help, so we decide to play around with going completely online. We make many, many mistakes.
The Telstra Foundation comes on board as our first serious partner, sponsoring 20 video lessons on digital and user experience for the non-profit sector. We start selling social entrepreneurship education on the internet.
We film lessons with the Mulago Foundation crew and their fellows on high impact systems change, which is tremendously exciting. Will starts teaching at Monash University.
The Firetree Trust invite us to do work in South East Asia, which turns into child protection policy work with Stairway in the Phillipines and women-led micro-enterprise with SHE Investments in Cambodia.
After 5 years, we give up on platform education. COVID-19 hits. We start pouring more time and energy into our own online courses, building our own LMS tech and helping other organisations with blended learning.
We still have no rock solid plan, but we do have a better idea of where the gaps in blended, distributed learning are. We feel a big missing piece is in political activism and policy work, and the structures around how communities gather together to organise themselves around collective issues.

Music first,
teaching next.

image Folks from our first, serious 4-week accelerator program hanging out.

Thanks to the early mob.

Massive love to those original teachers, mentors and friends who made it happen.

They’re world-class humans and we’re honoured to have their support at the beginning. <3


And best for last, thank you for taking the time check out what we do. 🥳