Evidence based interventions with Caroline Fiennes

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In order to build interventions that actually work, you must ask an important question and answer it reliably, using the best research available.

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1 Figure out the important question.

All good inventions start by making sure you are ASKING the right question. Something that's important and that you can get others in your sector to rally around.

2 Finding existing research.

Before you begin to do your own work, start by diving into the existing reseach. Making sure you're not doubling up on work that's already been done is vitally important.

3 Creating a shared research agenda.

Now that you have an important question and you know the research that's out there, it's time to get some help. The social sector is always more powerful when groups of people work together towards a common cause. Caroline sets out a method to help you collaborate with others in your sector towards a powerful outcome.

4 Contacting researchers.

Finally, now that you have people on the same page, it's time to reach out to researchers. Caroline walks you through some practical steps you can take to help kick start the evidence based research around the interventions you want to apply.

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