Growth forecasting with Taylor Davidson

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Make spreadsheets your friend by building a model to forecast your month-by-month financial growth, and strategise how to get there.

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~30 minutes over 6 videos

About 2 hours of work to do it solo

Miwok territory, Graton Rancheria

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1 The big numbers.

To start your forecasting model, we'll start by just sketching out some of the big important metrics for your business.

2 Adding detail.

Now, Taylor helps you add some clarity and detail to the numbers your spreadsheet.


If you wnat some help keeping your spreadsheet easy to read and use, Taylor shares some tips with you on best practices.

3 Do some maths.

Next, we can start adding some math into our spreadsheet and start turning this into an actaul model.

4 Benchmark the results.

Importantly when building a model for your business, we'll need to make sure our assumptions are in line with others in our industry. Taylor takes you through some best practices for benchmarking your financial expectations..

5 Growth levers.

Now we can start the see the power of this model by creating some scenariosv.

6 Communicate.

Finally, now that your model is complete, it's time to make it easy to communicate with others. Taylor takes you through how to make some easy to read graphs.

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