Design for impact at scale with Kevin Starr

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Design an intervention that will have lasting impact at scale.

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~45 minutes over 4 videos

About 3 hour of work to do it solo

Bali, Indonesia

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1 Mission.

To start, Kevin helps us nail our 'mission': The seven word statement that defines what we're trying to accomplish and what success looks like.

2 Big idea & outcome.

Next, we define the big idea (What we will do to make this happen) and outcome (What we will measure to prove it works).

3 Behavior map.

Now we can start to create a behavior map: what are all the behaviour that need to happen, in order, to get from what people are doing now, to the change we want them to have.

4 Interventions.

In order for people to change their behaviours we need to do something to make that happen. At each stage of the behaviour map, what is the thing that you are going to do?

5 Creating a model.

Now, we need to turn that list of behaviours and interventions into a model: what is the mechanism we can create and scale up?

6 Doer & payer.

Once we have a model, we are going to need two things: a Doer (Who will do the work?) and a Payer (who will pay for it to happen?)

7 Scalability.

Finally, we need to do a scalibility check: these are three questions to make sure we can actually scale the model we have, with the payer and doer: Is it relevant enough, is it simple enough and is it cheap enough?

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