How to sell when you hate selling with Will Richardson

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Learn to sell your products by caring: Sales is about treating people well, and thinking of relationships as long term friendships.

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~30 minutes over 5 videos

About 2 hours of work to do it solo

Bunurong land, Kulin nation

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1 Prepwork.

Before reaching out to your first person, it's important to get your own story straight in your head. Will leads you through a few simple questions to ask yourself about what you're trying to sell, and why.

2 The pipeline.

As you begin to start reaching out, it's good to have a system to keep track of everyone. Will helps you work out who you should be trying to have conversations with, and importantly how to be respectful with all the people you chat too.

3 Making contact.

Next, you've found a good prospect to talk too, Will helps you reach out in a useful way. They need to know why you're talking to them and importantly how you might be able to help them.

4 Meeting in person.

Meeting in person: eep, scary! It's ok to be shy. Will shows you how to calm your nerves and make sure when you meet with people it's fun and productive for you both.

5 Follow up and routines.

Finally, now that you've met a few people and you've got your pipeline going, Will shows you some useful routines to keep your contacts happy!


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