Crowdfunding with Prashan Paramanathan

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Set up a crowdfunding campaign with a solid communication plan to make sure you start strong, keep momentum up and get to all the goals you're after.

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~30 minutes over 7 videos

About 2 hours of work to do it solo

Gadigal land, Eora nation

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1 The project.

Prash starts by taking us through some of the general overview information for your project. This is important to get right as it helps you set your campaign goals.

2 Campaign page.

Next, we flesh out the rest of the campaign page. Using the template, Prash shows us how to make sure we're giving potential donors the right information, in a way that's compelling.

3 Pre-launch.

Now it's time to start planning the campaign comms. Using the marketing and communication plan, Prash helps us work out who we want to be contacting and when. We start to draft a few of the inital emails that we'll be using as well.

4 Launch.

It's time for the big launch of the campaign. Getting a lot of momentum is so important, so Prash helps us plan the communications we want to be engaging people with during this period.

5 Lull.

Once the campaign has begun, it's hard to maintain momentum. Prash shows us how to leveage some big donors and partners to keep the good news flowing.

6 The finish.

Coming down to the finish line, Prash takes us through how to make sure we finish strong and reach that goal we've all been working for.

7 After campaign.

Just because the campaign is finsihed, doesn't mean your work is. Prash shows us what comms are important so your donors still feel like they're involved, and ideally will be excited for your next project.

Campaign page examples.

Will takes us through a complete campaign page example using a real world crowdfunding campaign for a local cafe.

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