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Free online lessons about design, business, digital and impact. By and for social sector folks.

This is a project by Will and Avraham, built with many collaborators and partners since 2014.

Most lessons are 30 to 60 minutes of video, with templates and worksheets. Each should take you a few hours to do well. They also work really well as workshops in small groups or classes!

We acknowledge the traditional owners of the lands upon which we work.

In our home country, like most, sovereignty was never ceded.

Love and respect to mobs like Dilin Duwa, IndigenousX and SEED.

Thank you.

Meaningful social change requires large scale co-operative action. We’re completely indebted to the peeps and partners we’ve worked with over the years.

This started as a fast, take-no-prisoners expression of frustration with the pace of social change.

Then we relaxed. Helping other orgs with their work will hopefully help us all get more done. ”

- Will + Rami, forever indebted.

In partnership. These orgs are ace!

Teachers & geeks Some nice people:

image Rami, video
image Clare, coach
image Michelle, tech
image Reid, devops
image Maciej, tech
image Eve, film
image Nicky, finance
image Will, teacher


Kevin filming on the roof of the Mulago offices in San Francisco.

Learning stuff

Learning stuff

Jenny + Gautam, amazing teachers!

We made some videos.

Fast facts on our video production:

  • It can take 100-200 hours of work to make a 30 minute lesson.
  • So far we've filmed in Melbourne, Sydney, London, Denpasar, San Francisco, Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, and Puerto Galera.
  • We've produced 1300+ minutes of content, not counting the work we've helped others create. That's something like 6+ months of continuous learning if you used it weekly the way it’s designed.

We don’t track minutes watched as we don't think it's a useful metric. But we know that many thousands of people have watched the work we've helped make ove the years, and that's quite satisfying.

Rami does most of the heavy lifting on video, and the amazing Eve Byers created many of our videos. They're award winning film makers and artists in their own right.

Dork friends Folk dorks in San Francisco.
image Folks from our first, serious 4-week accelerator program hanging out.

Thanks to the early mob.

Massive love to those original teachers, mentors and friends who made it happen.

They’re world-class humans and we’re honoured to have their support at the beginning. <3


And best for last, thank you for taking the time check out what we do. 🥳

Music first,
then teach.

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