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Terms & Privacy.

Our human-readable policy.

Our simple terms and privacy page:

Pages like this are normally full of long words, ignored by everyone but the lawyers who wrote them, and agreed to without consideration by the public.

Here's an attempt at a simpler form of privacy policy.

1) We might change our mind.

This site changes every few weeks, which means it can do new things, which will change the data we collect. We may have to change these terms to keep up to date.

2) We use software by other companies, and we can't control what those companies do.

For example, we use Intercom.io for keeping track of users, Mailchimp for our email list, and Stripe for processing payments. We use Google Docs for templates, and Dropbox for holding big files. We'll probably use even more cloud services in the future!

This is good for you because it means we never see important information like your credit card details. Bigger companies with giant security budgets take care of all that stuff.

The software we license is made by respectable companies, used by thousands of other startups similar to us, but you should check out their terms if you want more info.

3) Your content is your content. If we want to use it we'll ask your permission first.

You can make comments, canvases and add information about yourself on our website. We consider this to be your IP (intellectual property, or 'brain gold' as the experts put it).

If you want to keep things secret, you can set canvases to 'private', or only visible to certain teams.

4) We don't accept abusive conduct.

There is a more in depth code of conduct, but the short version is that our staff decide what is and isn't abusive, and we have complete authority to delete comments, canvases, and accounts at any time, for any reason.

If an account is deleted because we deem it abusive, no refunds will be given to that account.

5) We are always happy to help, just ask.

If anything goes wrong, lawyers will get involved, and that's expensive for everyone. If you have any questions, concerns, or want us to elaborate on anything we've said, just get in touch with [email protected] and we'll be glad to help.

That's it for now. A long version with lots of fancy lawyer language will be up soon. :)

Check out the FAQs for more info on site functionality.


- Fitzroy Academy staff, devs, and founders.