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The Fitzroy Academy The Fitzroy Academy The Fitzroy Academy The Fitzroy Academy Fitzroy Academy

New best friends.

We’ve partnered with the Telstra Foundation
to help non-profits be brilliant at digital.

Prashan Paramanathan - CEO Chuffed.org,
Telstra Foundation fellow.

We believe.

Digital can have a transformative effect on impact.

Everyone should have the opportunity to be brilliant at digital.

Getting digital right is a complete game-changer.

Learn by doing.

Our lessons cover methods, tools and ideas you can using during your work day, immediately.

We want you to gain the skills and confidence you need to lead the change you want to happen.

Watch lessons

Getting digital right is hard.

Non-profits tackle some of society’s most difficult problems.

Complex problems and environments makes digital even trickier. But difficult doesn't mean impossible.

It just requires a new set of skills.

Digital = relevance.

Digital is no longer about future-proofing. This is as true for individuals as for the organisations they work for.

We’re growing our content as the industry changes, so change-makers can stay relevant.

Thrive in a connected world.

The Telstra Foundation supports non-profits and for-purpose organisations that are thinking bigger about what’s possible for social change at scale.

We believe in whole-ecosystem approaches to creating impact, so we’re in good company.


Try it Get started for free. 14 day trial on all accounts.

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No credit card required.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is The Fitzroy Academy for?

We help out committed beginners.

Students, professionals, early and later learners, anyone doing (or wanting to do) social purpose work of any kind.

We cover business, design and digital skills in a way that's friendly for committed beginners.

Do you do in-person classes?

Nope! Physical classes are really expensive to run.

Other folks run great in-person classes, thought they’re pretty expensive for a cash-strapped individual.

We’re here to make good learning cheap and accessible to everyone, so no physical classes, sorry!

How does membership work?

All accounts have a 14 day free trial.

You can subscribe with a credit card.

We bill $9AUD when you start, and every month after that.

When does my membership expire?

Your membership expires when you cancel it.

How do I cancel my account?

Go to your plans page and click the ‘cancel account’ link.

How do I cancel my trial?

There's no need!

Simply stop using the site - we don't take your credit card details for the free trial.

Do I keep my intellectual property?

Yes! While your public canvases and comments can be seen online (just like on Facebook or Twitter), any private canvas or teams you create are entirely your property.

Why focus on social enterprise?

Social good folks are under-served in the digital and business skills training world, and they deserve special attention.

Non-profits and social enterprises have a different way of doing things to the rest of the business world.

While we’re pretty staunch in our support for social good folks, for-profit people that want to learn about social impact are absolutely welcome to get on board. :)

Why are you charging non-profits for this?

We want to create the quality we believe non-profit employees and vollies deserve.

Having an income means we will be sustainable without too much intervention from third parties; we don’t want to survive on grant funding.

We have global aspirations for our impact which means taking on investment, sourcing great teachers and taking good care our staff.

How do teams work?

Anyone can make a team.

Teams have their own discussion area, and list all canvases created by users in that team (unless they’re set to private).

Making a team is a great way to keep folks on the same page.

More questions?

Call us during Aussie business hours, or via email any time.

1300 205 170 or [email protected]