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The Fitzroy Academy The Fitzroy Academy The Fitzroy Academy The Fitzroy Academy Fitzroy Academy

The filming process.

Learn to speak. Get paid. Look great.

1: Do a screen test.

Film yourself saying this: (Leo’s example.)

Hey, I'm [NAME], this is The Fitzroy Academy, and today I'm going to teach you [SUBJECT]. It's [DESCRIPTION].

Send it to [email protected].

2: Do our questionnaire.

Book in an hour with us (Skype or in person).

We’ll go through this questionnaire and build the beginning steps of your first lesson.

3: Film your mini-lesson.

This takes one hour at our Collingwood studio, or at your office, in a quiet and light-filled area.

P.S. Most people take a couple of stabs at this and get it right the second time around.

picture of process

4: Speaker training.

Teachers that make it this far have the opportunity to spend time with Will to learn about speaking.

We’ll cover phrasing and structure, emotion, breathing and voice, and how to feel comfortable on camera.

5: Do your homework.

Leo writes your entire lesson script, and helps you to create the physical resources.

As our team does most of the work, you’ll mostly be involved in editing and fact-checking.

5: Film the complete lesson!

By now you’ll be an old hand at filming. Too easy.

Filming a full 20 minute lesson takes about an hour.

We usually need another hour a few weeks later for ‘pick-ups’ and additional filming.

picture of process

Last up: Pictures and promo

We take some beautiful, high resolution photos of you looking all handsome and casually professional.

These are for making you look great on our site, and we’ll also give you copies.

Get started Email Leo Flander He’ll help you get started.

Teaching FAQs.

What we’re after:

Our focus lies in the digital and social impact world, and the immediate topics we are filming include:

  • Lean and Agile methodologies
  • User Experience and Interface design
  • Service Design + Human Centred Design
  • User testing, feedback and research
  • Hiring / evaluating digital agencies
  • Technical specifications
  • Digital storytelling and marketing
  • Social media strategy and tactics
  • Prototypes and wire-framing
  • Journey maps and user flow
  • Digital / cloud tools (Trello, Slack, etc.)
  • Digital analytics and measurement
  • Online payments, fundraising and crowdfunding

What’s in it for me?

Yes, we pay our teachers.

There are better reasons to teach than the money:

  1. The artefact: Having something you can show customers.
  2. Learning to speak: Structure, articulation and delivery.
  3. The craft: Teaching refines your knowledge and IP.

Teachers also get:

  • Speaker training with Will Dayble.
  • Copies of any high resolution content we create.
  • Bio and links to your work on your lesson pages on our site.
  • Publicity through our - and our partner’s - PR mechanisms.

Think of it as the speaker training and the positioning piece you always wanted, but have never had time to create.

How committed should I be?

You don’t need to be.

Our process is designed for busy professionals with busy lives. You can opt out at any stage.

Our filming process is incredibly fast.

The best way to learn if you'll make a good teacher is to being our process. We could spend an hour explaining how it all works, or we could just start. Bam!

Get started:

Get in touch with Leo Flander direct:

 [email protected]

 1300 205 170