Need support? We’re nice, say hi anytime. 👋

Grab us direct:

Tech support:
Aussies, call 1300 205 170 during business hours.

Some common questions:

I'm having tech problems, what do I do?

Email and we'll connect you with the right person.

If you can, include some info about what went wrong so we can help you faster!

Do I keep my intellectual property?

Yes. Our terms have some legals you should read if you're worried about this, but in general your data is your own.

It's worth reading our terms and privacy policies, and contact us if you have any concerns at all!

What happened to the online canvases?

We got rid of them. Sorry! We found out that most students prefer to use Google Docs, and it's hard to make online canvases work on mobile phones.

If you want to do your canvases online, check out, it's nice.

Are you using my data for research?

Yes! We use data about what lessons you're watching, where you drop off, and so on to inform broad research on what helps other people learn.

We share this information, anonymised and aggregated, with our research partners to help everyone do better online learning.

We're serious about privacy and ethics, so we do our very best to keep your data private, and only share the minimum necessary to help get our research done.

If you're concerned at all, please just speak to us and we'll figure it out together. 🥰