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Purpose matters.

We’re all students.

Learn and teach, always.

Guess less.

Ask more questions.

Mars test it.

Make it worthy of Mars.

The mission: Make the impact sector win big.

We believe everyone should:

  • Be able to create lasting social impact;
  • Have access to the tools to create change;
  • Know how to get it right;

The big idea:Cheap, quality impact education.

We want world-class social impact education to be available to everyone who wants to make a difference.

We get the best teachers in the world and make their knowledge easy to access.

The complexity of this problem:The impact world is changing fast.

Good startups want to create impact, and great non profits are starting to act like startups. Social entrepreneurs are somewhere in the mix making a glorious mess...

More profitable, impact-driven orgs = giant win.


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