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Social Outcomes Reporting Social Outcomes Reporting


Resources / further reading:

The main thing you'll need is this Google doc: Social Outcomes Report.

Don't forget to go File > Make a Copy to make your own.

The example we use in this lesson can be found here: School readiness outputs report

Also check out Bessi's non-profit, The Difference Incubator, they run excellent courses for non-profits looking to improve their business models!


Good luck!


I'm an impact investor, social entrepreneur, speaker and writer. I co-founded The Difference Incubator (TDi), Benefit Capital and the Impact Investment Centre with Paul Steele.

My passion is in proving you can do good and make money. I believe money should flow to those creating real change and great social or environmental outcomes. That’s why I work so hard to help organisations find alternate revenue streams and commercialise their offerings.

At TDi we help strengthen the measurement of social outcomes, the business model and financial models that underpin that, and the team that delivers it.

At Benefit Capital we help structure and facilitate impact investment deals connecting money with great organisations.

At the Impact Investment Centre we facilitate great conversations and bring practitioners together to share learnings, and discuss pipeline and due diligence of deals.

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