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I’m a digital media maven, traveler, creator and organiser. I kicked off my career in environmental fundraising and social advocacy, and throughout the years have taken that voice and passion, and given it a digital focus. That buzz for all things digital has led me to manage social media and digital strategies for non-profits, grass-roots organisations, tech start-ups, local governments and online marketplaces.

I currently spend my work days engaging and inspiring an online community of artists and consumers at Redbubble. This is directed mostly through our organic social media channels but I also focus on engagement opportunities across events and PR. The goal here is to nurture a community of independent artists, and to inspire our global consumer base to express themselves through their creations.

Outside of business hours I also volunteer with Australia's regional Burning Man event, Burning Seed, as the 2iC of their communications team. Other than rocking a tutu during team meetings, this role involves coordinating stakeholder messages in lead up to the event, communicating concisely to an engaged and passionate community, and educating newcomers to the community on Burning Seed's unique approach to the event.

When I'm not working on any of these projects, I'm usually sitting in one of Melbourne's many cafes gathering content (ie. photographing my brunch and making fun of hungover, inner-city residents) for my sassy-food blog Occupie Fitzroy.

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