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Resources / further reading:

Alrighty, the main thing you'll need is this Google doc:

New business entity template - it's a Google Doc, go File > Make a Copy.

You may also want to check out the ASIC site for registering a business name.


Remember: Being a director means you’ll have some pretty seriousl legal responsibilities. Talk to a lawyer, and get familiar with ASIC website. Nothing we can teach you will replace having a good lawyer on call!


Joel is the founder of Clearpoint Counsel and a general counsel with 20 years experience working with organisations in Australia, the United Kingdom and around the globe. He is passionate about, innovation in the legal sector and the emerging profit for purpose movement. Clearpoint's core business is to provide legal counsel to well funded or established start-ups on fixed retainers. ClearLab, its innovation division, enables smaller businesses to do it themselves by combining education and legal advice in one-to-many scenarios. You can book a meeting with Joel here -

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