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This book is one of the first design thinking books. It’s a good mix of theory and practical tools that can help you apply design thinking in your own context.

Jonathon Porritt’s book tries to illustrate how the world can look like if we apply human-centred design to all we do. It’s a fun read.

The Design Way is probably not the first book you should read when you’re exploring human-centred design as it’s quite heavy.

However, it does put some vital focus on mindset, knowledge set, skill set and toolset in design. Furthermore it focuses on the integration of the design practice across your whole life. We recommend this book when you feel you’re ready to take the next step in learning more in depth about human-centred design.



Melis Senova is the founder of Huddle and she is an amazing thought leader. This is her own website where she shares her thoughts on human-centred design, complex problems, empathy, life, human behaviour and systems.



Huddle’s podcast show is where we talk about anything from complex world problems, systems thinking, team dynamics, organisational change and how all of this can benefit from a design led approach by looking at the problem from many different perspectives.



This HBR article talks about the principles of design thinking and how there is a shift currently happening in large organisations. A shift that puts design and people much closer at the centre of their decision making processes.


If we find anything else interesting we'll throw it up here!

- Kristina.



I'm Caitlyn—a Strategic Designer at Huddle who loves cats, warm sunshine, and bold thinking.

I love Human-Centered Design (obvs) and have also started to explore how it can be used in personal and business/brand communication. (I'm a bit of a marketing geek too you see!)

I also have a side business in mindfulness & embodiment, the SexyLove Project.

Enjoy the Empathy Map series!

I'm off to find a sunny spot and a cat now.


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