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The social entrepreneur

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This set of lessons has been curated by The Yunus Social Business Centre team to help you get more done during your experience at Griffith.

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These lessons include valuable insights and practical activities. We’re here to support if you’d like to give the exercises a try but we don’t expect you to do them all!

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Friend! Alex Hannant,
Griffith University.

1: Purpose and change.

image 6 mins Welcome to the social entrepreneur starter-kit Introduction to the course about social innovation and enterprise at Griffith. image 50 mins Design for impact at scale Design for lasting impact at scale with Mulago, using their key tool, the DIF. image 58 mins How to have good ideas A grab-bag of activities that unlock creativity, even when you're feeling uncreative.

2: Building a social business model.

image 11 mins What is social enterprise? Some definitions, further reading and information about what social enterprise is. image 25 mins Lean canvas Try out Lean methodology by making a simple online canvas. image 21 mins Customer discovery interviews Learn to build a product by interviewing customers, and conquer social anxiety.

3: Building a team.

image 35 mins Agile project management Learn the tools and methods to make your first Agile project work. image 52 mins Hiring / team formation Find your own strengths and gaps, and create a team that can get the job done.

4: Delivering impact.

image 65 mins Pitching for early stage investment Get your story right, make a pitch deck and get in front of the right investors. image 21 mins Social outcomes reporting How to report on a program: The money, activities and social impact.

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