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Nathan Nathan Murphy,
G20 Young Entrepreneurs Alliance

Dude, I’m finally checking this out properly and it's effing amazing! Like, I can’t get enough.

Rosie! Rosie Thomas,
Project Rockit

The best lean thinking resource I'e found, especially in the NFP / social enterprise sector. Loving it.

James! James Harris.
World Vision

Audience Who it’s for.


For early stage founders who want to create impact with their business.

  • Pre-revenue, or just getting started with an idea.
  • Mission-driven without much business experience.


For non-profit / NGO folks who are tired of the grant cycle.

  • Finding more sustainable ways to reach beneficiaries and donors.
  • Wanting a shared language for agility and fast, smart work.


Mission-driven movement builders who want to shift systems.

  • Tired of fighting for your cause with no money behind you?
  • Excited to get real traction and power behind your work.

Learning stuff

Amiee playing with prototypes during one of our accelerator programs.

Learning stuff

Learning stuff

Curriculum What you’ll learn.

Curriculum includes...


And more!

Every program is different, as every cohort is different. We're constantly building new lessons, experimenting with workshops and inviting special guests.

Fresh experts, weekly.

Every week you'll learn from experts. CEOs, founders, philanthropists, folks who do this stuff for a day job!

Templates and worksheets

Every lesson comes with templates, case studies or worksheets that you can use in your business.

Coaching and support

Get feedback on what you're doing well, where you need support, and what to do next.

Crowd! Who knows, you might end up running your own crowdfunding event...

Cohorts Learn online, not alone.

We run small cohorts, usually around 12-15 people per group.

This means it takes us a little while to begin programs, because we need to find you a group that will suit you. Trust us, it's worth it.



Nothing can replace the magic of creating together with the people that become your friends, customers, mentors and suppliers.


It's so much easier to stay motivated and get things done with people around you, supporting you when things get hard.

Collective action.

The problems we are all working on can't be solved individually. Working together is the only way to create lasting, systemic change.

The old crew. Members of the very first Fitzroy Academy crew going for drinks, halfway through a program.

Enrol Do it.

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