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A ‘canvas’ is a one-page plan that helps you get your ideas out of your head.

Lean Canvas

Use Lean methodology to sketch out a new business or project ideas and figure out what to work on first.

Business Model Canvas

Review an existing non-profit or business, to find areas for innovation, incremental improvement or change.

Impact Canvas

Figure out your theory of change, behaviours and route to scale for the social impact in your project.

Test Cards

Tests cards can be used with any of the canvases to help you organise, track and evaluate your team’s work.

This is the best lean thinking resource I have found. Especially as someone from the NFP / social enterprise sector. Loving it!

​We are in a transition time over here, and the canvases are really helpful for distilling and presenting our ideas.

James! James Harris.
Regional Manager at Zeal Education Trust

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