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Oh boy. We're partnering with the Telstra Foundation!

Will Dayble on 26th Sep, 2016

Well this is certainly big news.

Telstra Foundation is a well respected fund within the corporate philanthropic space.

They kick-started right from the start, a platform with massive reach who have recently nailed funding with Blackbird.

It’s incredibly flattering to be in such good company.

What’s more, it’s runs on the board like that which proves Nat, Jax and the crew know their stuff and have a fantastic handle on the ecosystem-level pressures that social impact mobs face.

While the official launch is today, the TF crew have been doing a huge amount of quiet, important background work over the last 8 months - as they do - to help us get set up right.

In the last 8 months working with them we’ve learn that they:

  1. Get it;
  2. Back winners;
  3. Don’t mess about.

So put simply, we’re pretty hyped. :D

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We’ve partnered with the Telstra Foundation to give non-profits the opportunity to be brilliant at digital.

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