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Where did GSD go?

image @willdayble · 9th Feb, 2016

Why the name change?

  1. It was really long.
  2. Some people don’t like swear words.
  3. We’ve stopped our in-person accelerators. We’re focussing on the online lessons and tools, for non-profits and social enterprises.

This means a new logo, domain name and app style.

What this means for customers:

  1. You sign in at instead of;
  2. No more in person accelerators;
  3. Sorry if you liked the old name.

Why move away from entrepreneurship?

There’s more than enough help for entrepreneurs out there. The startup ecosystem has an abundance of money, support, accelerators and resources to keep it working well.

The social impact world, however, is woefully under-resourced.

We’re constantly hearing about non-profits blowing digital budgets, or social enterprises going under before they deliver any impact.

Simplistically, entrepreneurs don’t need help, the social impact world does.

- @willdayble

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