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Where did GSD go?

We shortened our name and updated the brand.

By image @willdayble · 9th Feb, 2016

Why the name change?

We have learnt that some other folks don’t like brand names with swear words in them. Our old brand name was also really long.

We’ve started working with larger organisations, high schools and universities. We want to help them all do smarter education.

For that reason, we’ve shortened our name to plain ‘Fitzroy Academy’, with a new logo and app style to boot. We hope you like it.

What this means for customers:

  1. You sign in at instead of,
  2. Swear words will not appear on this site (unless of course you put them in your canvases or comments),
  3. We sincerely apologise if you liked the old brand name.

We will continue to use the ‘GSD’ name for our accelerator work (currently in stealth mode). More rad stuff coming this year, stay tuned!

By image @willdayble · 9th Feb, 2016

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