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Why we got rid of the ‘GSD’ from the Fitzroy Academy.

Will Dayble on 7th Jul, 2016

Yep, we are no longer using the awkwardly long name The Fitzroy Academy of Getting Sh!t Done.

You might remember this ol’ sucker:

old logo

Folks enjoyed that name (as did we), but we’ve grown up and things change:

  1. We decided to concentrate solely on social impact customers;
  2. We’ve stopped doing in-person accelerators. They’re expensive.
  3. It’s a quite frustratingly long name!

This means a new logo, domain name and app style.

Here’s the rub: We’re not into helping entrepreneurs who aren’t into social impact.

We’ve seen a real need for affordable up-skilling within the for-purpose sector. Just like the rest of the world has realised that there’s no such thing as a "non-tech business" anymore, everyone will realise.

What this means for customers:

You sign in at instead of

Why move away from entrepreneurship?

There’s more than enough help for entrepreneurs out there.

The social impact ecosystem, however, has its work cut out.

We’re pretty hyped to use all the knowledge we’ve learn from our entrepreneurship education work to help people who want to make a positive social impact.

Most importantly, we would like to see a world where there is no entrepreneurship that isn’t social entrepreneurship. No-one should be starting a business without ensuring the environmental and social impact of the business is as important as its economics.



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